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28 Ways Sangoma Makes Asterisk Better

Sangoma makes Asterisk® more scalable, more reliable and morefunctional. Sangoma delivers where others fall short. Complete the form on the right and learn how to optimize your Asterisk system.


More Scalable

  • Reduced CPU load
  • Modular boards for maximum flexibility
  • Hardware-based echo cancellation
  • Hardware-assisted TDM-multiplexing
  • Adjustable chunk size supported by hardware

More Reliable

  • Unbreakable firmware
  • Error free faxing
  • Voice Time clock synchronizer
  • Best warranty in the industry

More Functional

  • Highest accuracy answering machine detection
  • Modular boards for maximum flexibility
  • Highest Density Boards
  • Most Robust Logging and Alarms

Asterisk® is a trademark of Digium, Inc. 

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