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ATCOM A20/A21 IP Phone

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“Intuitive operation, simple buttons, rich features, HD voice, exquisite details, innovative appearance” as design concept A21, is a premium SIP account level 6 business phone for exclusively for office workers. It incorporates a monochrome graphic mesh display in full view, two Ethernet ports, PoE. “Hands-free 3W high power speaker, 5-party conferencing, higher level of ZRTP encryption and innovative appearance” are the hallmarks of the Entry-Level IP Phone.


– Unique and elegant design, exquisite workmanship, excellent appearance

– Leading electroacoustic design and professional DSP voice processing make the sound and sound quality to be world-class

– 3W high-power full-range speaker and large-sized sound cavity provide a great audio experience for users, giving them the freedom to hold small meetings by hand

– Calls by phone or speaker are not affected by electromagnetic waves like from mobile phones

– Local 5-way Conference support

– Supports 4G (LTE) and 3G . access

– Wi-Fi stability when accessing the network

– Supports 2.4GHz (A20W), 2.4GHz and 5GHz (A20WAC) Wi-Fi access, all using 5DB high gain antenna

– Complete user function, comprehensive network function

– Convenient deployment, support automatic provisioning via intranet or internet

– Power adapter protection can avoid machine damage due to faulty operation

-  Fully compatible with leading IP PBX platform, support for third-party interface management
Graphical network LCD display 132*58. 6 SIP accounts, Call Forwarding, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Hotline, Call Hold, Auto Answer, Caller ID, Redial, Mute, DND , Local 5-Way Conference, Speed ​​Dial, Voicemail, Local Directory (up to 1000 entries), Direct IP Call without SIP proxy, Blacklist, Called / Received / Miss/Forward (400 total), Switch Headset Mode, EHS headset support.

Datasheet (A20_A21_Datasheet.pdf, 1,653 Kb) [Download]