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Digium G100/G200/G400/G800 VoIP Gateway

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Digium G100/G200/G400/G800
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Digium G100/G200/G400/G800 VoIP Gateway is built on a powerful combination of the Asterisk Open Source communications engine and a state-of- the-art embedded platform, Digium VoIP Gateways provide the best value for Asterisk connectivity.

The gateway software is based on the Asterisk communications engine and is managed through Digium’s intuitive point-and-click GUI interface, which allows for easy navigation and effortless setup. VoIP gateways feature a power-saving embedded design with a highly efficient digital signal processor (DSP) handling all media-related operations.

The Digum G100/200 VoIP Gateway is a single/ dual port software-selectable T1/E1/PRI appliance that supports up to 30/60 concurrent calls. It is built to support TDM-to-SIP, SIP-to-TDM and SIP-to-SIP (transcoding) applications. In a TDM-to-SIP deployment, the gateway significantly reduces operating costs by connecting a legacy business phone system with dynamic SIP trunking services. SIP-to-TDM deployments use the VoIP gateway to connect a modern SIP communications system with T1/E1/PRI service from legacy carriers.

1. Applications

Digium VoIP Gateways are flexible solutions that fit a variety of communications applications. The applications listed below represent some of the most widely used, today. The flexible configurtation options and standards-based connectivity mean Digium's gateway appliances can support a wide range of custom applications

2. Specification

    a. Interfaces / Connections:

  • 2 T1/E1/PRI w/ RJ-45
  • 1 10/100/1000 Ethernet

   b. Benefits:

  • Hardened
  • Cost effective
  • Low power consumption

    c. Features:

  • Intelligent call routing
  • Easy-to-navigate GUI
  • Fax and modem support
  • Solid state (no moving parts)
  • Remote configuration and software updates
  • Octasic™ DSP processor
  • Up to 30/60 concurrent calls


It is my perfect choice for our VM asterisk system deployment. Thanks DQN and Digium
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