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DQN Co, Ltd

DQN is a most popular value added distributor and service provider of total telecom & application solutions for Enterprise and Organization in Vietnam & ASEAN.

Established since May 2005 by techno business minded specialists, DQN firstly focused on distributing Sangoma telephony cards to the Value Added Systems developer, such as 1900xxxx running on Open Source Asterisk. DQN now is a most popular distributor in Vietnam, especially for tele-communication & IT products. Famous brands corporating with DQN includes Sangoma, Grandstream, Digium, Microtel, Drishti, ..

DQN proudly has strong financial capibility, communication and e-commerce systems techno business insights professional staff, and a regional wide and nation-wide distribution system which allows for maximum market coverage. The company’s mission is to directly offer all customers best-in-class distribution service thanks to a online and comprehensive distribution set-up.

DQN is specialized in distribution. That’s the reason why DQN continues developing our product range for bringing famous brands and reliable products to Vietnamese and ASEAN customers..

DQN's Vision

To be come the most popular value added distributor and supplier of total solutions of communication and e-commerce systems in Vietnam and ASEAN region

DQN's Mission

Be initiative and making labor efforts, creative and understanding market needs so as to create superior and useful products; dedicating to serve to make customers become loyal ones.

DQN's Values

To contribute to the community development and provide equitable development opportunities, guarantee a wealthy life fulfilled both material and spiritual values for each of DQN member.

DQN Identification

Logo: Logo DQN is an expression of the three stylized letters D,Q & N with the two main colors, Blue and Orange, representing the continuous development and perfection process.

DQN Co Ltd
Development: Develop day by day
Qualification: Standardization and standard setting 
Next: Get better endlessly

Protection: The Logo, DQN, Dinh Quang has been registered by the Bureau of Protection of Intellectual Properties by the Certificate of Trademark Registration No. 128098 and Decision 13244/QD-SHTT on 25 June,2009.