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Grandstream full range of voice and video conference solutions

by Toan Nguyen Quang
Grandstream full range of voice and video conference solutions

The following Grandstream conference solutions are ready to conference, (you dont need to buy any other MCU/ device)

Grandstream GVC3200 / GVC3202 Video Conferencing System

  • 1080p Full-HD video, up to 3-way video conferences (GVC3202) and up to 9-way video conferences (GVC3200).
  • Support for 2 monitor outputs through 2 HDMI outputs (GVC3202) and for 3 monitor outputs through 3 HDMI outputs (GVC3200)
  • 9-way hybrid-protocol conferencing with no external MCUs/servers or extra software licenses
  • PTZ camera with 9x zoom (GVC3202) and PTZ camera with 12x zoom (GVC3200)
  • Can be installed in three simple steps
  • Plug and Play connection to Grandstream's IPVideoTalk Pro video conferencing service

Grandstream GAC2500 Conference Phone

Grandstream GAC2500 Conference Phone, 7-ways conference

  • 6 lines, 6 SIP accounts, 7-way voice conferences
  • Runs Android 4.4 and offers full access to the Google Play Store and all Android apps, such as Skype, Google Hangouts and more
  • Bluetooth to support syncing of headsets and mobile devices
    Built-in 7-way conference bridge
  • 4.3" (800x480) capacitive touch screen for easy use
  • Auto-sensing Gigabit port, built-in PoE support
  • Built-in WiFi support offers mobility and network flexibility
  • Full HD audio support to maximize voice quality
  • Daisy-chain support to combine two GAC2500 together
  • TLS and SRTP security encryption

Grandstream GXV3275 / GXV3240 Multimedia IP Video Phone

Grandstream GXV3275 / GXV3240 Multimedia IP Video Phone, 6-ways conference

  • 6 lines 6 SIP accounts, FREE IP VideoTalk account for video calling, up to 6-way voice conferences and 3-way video conferences
  • Runs Android version 4.2 and offers full access to the Google Play Store
  • 1 megapixel CMOS camera
  • 7 inch (1024x600) capacitive touch screen
  • Dual-switched Gigabit ports and integrated WiFi (802.11b/g/n)
  • Bluetooth for headsets and pairing mobile devices, USB port, SD card slot, mini-HDMI output for connection to TV monitor
  • Create an Android app for your business to run on the GXV3275 using Google’s API and Grandstream’s SDK tool kit


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