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DQN is Zycoo official distributor in Vietnam and ASEAN countries since 2006

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ZYCOO is the leading developer of IP telephony devices and related systems, has devoted itself over the past seven years to researching and developing powerful and scalable voice over IP (VoIP) solutions, specifically for SMBs. VoIP transmits voice data via the Internet, as opposed to the public switched telephone network, thus making each individual call considerably less expensive. These savings add up quickly, which, as mentioned, can be a godsend for a small business. Combined with an extensive built-in feature list rivaling the biggest contact centers, VoIP can propel SMB growth to unforeseen heights.

ZYCOO's current product line includes embedded IP PBX (ranging from a 2 port to a 32 port), asterisk appliance, and IP desk phones, all designed for the SMB environment. The company also offers many types of embedded hardware boards for original design manufacturers (ODM) looking to incorporate these devices into their own solutions and distribution offerings. Most importantly, all of these devices and services are offered at prices commensurate with the purchasing power of SMBs.

Zycoo in Vietnam was established in 2013 with main activities are the production of embedded software, assembly, final products production to ensure products are consistent with the the local laws and other international standards. Zycoo is is packaged in Vietnam and having local direct support and one-exchange-one warranty.