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Bán hàng: 0938989101
Hỗ trợ: 1900 1563

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FRAFOS GmbH is a manufacturer of VoIP solutions with offices in Berlin and Prague. FRAFOS was incorporated as privately held company in May 2010, in Berlin, Germany. The history of FRAFOS team and technology goes back to the late nineties. As researchers at the prestigious German public R&D institute Fraunhofer FOKUS, the FRAFOS founders were the among the first to work the SIP and RTP standards and to develop open source solutions that paved the way for the VoIP revolution. FRAFOS offers SIP session management and security solutions of the latest generation that come either as a standalone solution or as a cloud ready implementation. The flagship product of FRAFOS, the ABC SBC, offers open interfaces and built in multimedia applications such as recording and announcements. The ABC SBC enables the operators to simplify their service infrastructure and prepares them for future challenges.  

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